Friday, April 17, 2009

upcycling: [doggie duvets]

mrs dog rocker here.  since earth day is coming up, there have been "green" stories everywhere.  i just read about these amazing bed covers from molly mutt.  i've often had dog bed covers rip or tear, but still had perfectly good "insides."  since i'm not much of a seamstress, i've just squirreled the stuffing away, in hopes that i'll make a new bed someday....

well, now i can just buy the duvets and use the stuffing i already have!  genius idea.  they encourage using old blankets or clothing as stuffing and sell "stuff sacks" to help you wrangle all the old clothes into the dog bed.  i'm definitely going to get a few for the dog rocker...

[photos from molly mutt via fig & sage]

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